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immovable object: you are younger and shorter than me
unstoppable force: prove it
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October 02
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ok finally found a theme i like that has my like three requirements for a theme and i’ve figured out how to put everything on that i want i think and so i’ll probably do that sometime tomorrow

and then i’ll probably hate it in a week and regret ever changing it and also every other decision i’ve ever made but i’m going to bite the bullet and do it

none of you care but whatever

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October 02
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i am aware that there are other history majors that exist in the world. & i don’t think my major is better, just way more interesting
this is no fun if you refuse to be the immovable object, juliana
i think the two of us really took the two different paths that watching the west wing at a young age sets you up to take

Yep. But you can usually find a youtube playlist that will list hours of music from one band? I’ve done that every now and then instead of starting up a Pandora station.
i would do this but i only have an ipad and my iphone, and youtube can be kind of finicky on those. i mean, i have a laptop but it’s a thousand years old, so it doesn’t work that well.
i do this sometimes, but it’s just easier to let pandora go. but sometimes like, i want to listen to fall out boy for six straight hours, and instead i’m listening to boys like girls a lot. which is not what i want.
but i still love pandora, for all it’s flaws. i’ve heard lots of great music for the first time listening to it.
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October 01
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i’m really not sure i kind of just went with bands i think sound like los campensinos! i really liked that station tho
i might have to just bite the bullet and make the station. i’m sort of bored with all my current stations.
also my problem with pandora is that when i create a station, sometimes i don’t really want to listen to music that sounds like that music. i just want to listen to music by that particular band. which is not how pandora works but i wish it was.
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October 01
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i don’t know heaps about gettysburg really, aside from the basics, because i’m australian and it’s usually overlooked here unless you seek it out. but as a history major i can definitely relate
i mean, i can pretty much assure you that 95% of americans have heard of maybe one of the people i listed, and that’s robert e. lee. and even that’s probably a stretch. you might actually know more than a lot of americans
but i decided that if i was going to get weirdly emotional about gettysburg on my blog at 12:30 in the morning, i was going to get weirdly emotional about gettysburg on my blog at 12:30 in the morning with details
but it’s always good to know there are other history majors on my dash, even if our fields of study are probably pretty different (see jemmmasimmmons i’m not the only one)
(juliana likes to pretend that her major is better than our major, even though her major doesn’t exist without our major)
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October 01
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i actually used to have one so def a lot of johnny foreigner. maybe also tokyo police club, the hold steady… maybe frightened rabbit. idk really but def johnny foreigner probably
i’ve heard of two of those bands. or i’ve heard of all of them and listened to two of them
this is good information to have
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October 01
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The West Wing- Toby Ziegler Season 1

i want to make a los campesinos! station on pandora, but what other music would play on that channel?

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October 01

AoS + text posts [5/?] - Jemma Simmons Edition

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October 01
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