why has no one written me ‘Fitzsimmons meets while competing against each other in the Jeopardy! teen tournament’ AU though?

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July 25
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Alone Together
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piper wears crocs inside the aphrodite cabin to piss everyone off

Classic Who: Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

When You Were Young
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July 25
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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


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Straight In At 101
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July 25
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so i was re-reading the mythbusters!au drunk fic

and I forgot that I actually had ward refer to fitzsimmons as ‘tiny smalls’

he says ‘be nice to the tiny smalls’ when trip and skye are calling them gooey

i laughed for like ten minutes at my own joke

Leopold Fitz | Favorite Relationship { “Things got out of hand, May sorted it out." }
Anonymous said: that's exactly what an alien overlord would say to try and throw you off their scent. I'm onto you.

have you ever thought about the fact that it is also what a person who is not an alien overlord would say

i am a mess and i don’t wish to subject anybody else to that

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July 23